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Do I Really Need to Read and Understand What I Sign?

During my many years in practice, I have come across various types of contracts. Some of the contracts I have seen, have been a short as one page, and longer than 100 pages. But the one thing that remains the same, is that you can tell the difference between a well-written contract and a poorly written contract.
A well written contract is like reading a well written story. It starts with a beginning, which sets forth the names of the parties and the basic understanding of the parties as to why they are entering into this contract. It has a middle, which includes all of the terms and conditions of the contract. Therefore, like any well written story that captivates your attention, the details set forth in the middle of the contract are what is critical to captivate the reader’s attention as well as to clearly set forth the intent of the parties. Finally, it has a well written ending that usually sets forth how disputes are going to be resolved, where they are going to be resolved, any…